Cross Stretched

One thing I’ve learned recently about being a Christ-follower is that the path you are walking cannot be planned. There are some things that you pursue in your walk with the Lord that require more out of you than you can handle, and then there are some things that arrive as a blessing almost too soon for you to be able to truly understand how much of a blessing they are. The two events / organizations below have made this even more clear this month as God has brought them into my life.

BibleTechBibleTech 2009 is a conference sponsored and hosted by Logos Bible Software in Seattle, Washington on March 27-28th. This is the second year for the conference, and I’ve heard last year was a tremendous success. After interviewing Logos Bible Software and seeing the impact their Bible study software has had on believers around the world, it’s not really a shocker to believe that.

Somehow talks began of me traveling out west and being one of the speakers for this year. It will be an honor to hang out with so many individuals who desire to allow the cross of Christ to invade their lives and re-define how they are using technology. I will be discussing what it means to “Become a Digital Disciple”. God is moving in today’s culture through technology, but I think He’s ready to stretch us beyond a few limits. If you’re interested in joining me at the conference, I’d love to hear from you. If you can’t make it, but long to be stretched in both technology and theology, I believe the ministry below might be for you. I’d be thrilled to have you pray for me as I prepare for this exciting event – specifically that God would really change lives through the discussions and friendships made.

BibleTechIt’s finally here! The first gathering of Digital Disciples will take place on February 5th in Columbus, OH. A ministry that excites me more than any that I’ve been involved with before. God’s called me to start something that I really wish would have been around years ago. A ministry of free monthly local gatherings, starting here in Ohio, where individuals will have the chance to grow deeper in their use of technology and their walk with Christ. This truly is the first of its kind, from what I have seen across the web and while interacting with others. There are groups and conferences whose desire is to push the church (organizations) to increase their use of technology, which are great and definitely needed. I’m thrilled those groups and conferences exist, but I believe that God desires to move beyond the four walls of an organization and really stretch individuals to unselfish measures.

The first time I got some decent technology training was while attending college, a result of some serious sacrifice on my parent’s and my part to even make that possible financially. Imagine your friend or family member having the chance to come and learn from others that have been in their shoes. People enjoy technology, but there’s always room for improvement. No matter if you are what the world calls an “expert, amateur or beginner”. But that’s not where it stops. Just learning technology is fun for sure, but that only takes us so far. What about understanding how God wants to use it, or even how He might want to shape the rest of your life through His Word and lessons you can learn with others like you. God works through His Word, through the Spirit and through the lives of others. I believe that can be accomplished, and that’s why I have started this ministry. I’d be thrilled to have you join me on February 5th here in Columbus, Ohio, or to help you start a Digital Disciples group just like it in your town! Please do me a favor and share the website with your friends and family that might have even just a little interest in this. My first desire I have in starting this ministry is to allow others to grow in Christ, or possibly even meet Him for the first time.

Kind of ironic that the cross is at the center of both of these logos, don’t you think? Thanks for reading and praying!

  1. How exciting to read of these opportunities–what great ideas! How true that God throws surprise blessings our way that come in the form of serving Him! Prayed just now for these two events.

  2. I would love to be at the first Digital Disciples event, however we have our parish Bible study that night. The group leaders are currently visiting Israel and I’m excited to hear about their trip. I’ll keep you all in prayer.

    I had heard about Logos Bible Software a few years ago. Stephen Ray, who does “The Footprints of God” video series, mentioned it on a radio program one day.

    Will you be podcasting the Digital Disciples gatherings?

  3. Gabe, love the blog and especially this idea of Digital Disciples. I'm nowhere near being able to participate in person in Columbus (I'm in Charleston, SC) but would love to hear how the meets get started and flow.

    I'm at @scbubba on twitter. I'd love to connect and talk more about how I might borrow this idea for my local area.


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