Conferences and College

roadclosedBoth conferences and college are definite ways to get to where you want to go, right? I’ve been to each and actually have to disagree with them being the entire solution. I know there are people who have their eyes set on what they wish they could be doing, but while they’re driving down through life God throws a ROAD CLOSED sign in their path. I know I often believe that money is the answer to many problems, but look at how it also creates most of them! I would have thought by now that someone would come up with an answer for this, or at least see if God wants them to fix it. I know our government isn’t at all interested, so it’s up to us.

stackmoneyObviously people prefer to learn from those that have serious experience. That’s a given. But why can’t those with experience share without getting so much out of it themselves. That’s usually where the money from the students pocket goes. This is one of my biggest passions in life, and I think it’s a way for many of us to be Christ to others. We all are gifted at something. So why not find a way to give that gift to someone else, for free. I’m so thrilled to host the Digital Disciples gathering each month, and let individuals and myself share all of the technology knowledge we have gathered. Actually following through with this has allowed me to realize that it’s not about the money. It’s also shown me that conferences sure can be fun, but that people don’t learn unless there’s a continual connection or dependable source to go to. Are some of you discontent with colleges and conferences being road blocks in your life? Could some of you step up and provide an alternative?

PRAYING that I can be a blessing to a family I am connecting with today. PRAISING God for providing the ultimate example of service and humility in His Son, Jesus Christ.

  1. Matt Harmon

    so in what sense can college be a road block?

    I know this is different from what you were getting at, but for some time now I have been trying to go back to college for youth ministry after leaving art school. Every christian college I have applied for I have been accepted but always faced the problem of money. It’s frustrating too because almost every church that hires a full time youth pastor wants a degree or ordainment.

    I love your idea of people sharing their knowledge with others freely but I think as long as some jobs require “accredited learning programs” there will still be a roadblock.

  2. Matt – College and conferences are road blocks primarily because of the money issue. Especially in rough economic times, we have to realize how much of a hindrance money can be. That shouldn’t stop people from being able to get jobs.

    Sure, companies need to know you are valuable, and accredited learning somewhat solves that for them. In my profession, web / graphic design, you can tell if someone is qualified without a diploma. I’m sure that’s the case with other professions.

    The perspective that I am coming from is more from the teaching people angle than from the student. Conferences don’t allow enough time for the teacher, and just being a college professor doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about (believe me, lol). I just think more people, like myself, who are getting paid to do what they do well, should be realizing that they could make an impact on other people…..for free.

  3. Matt Harmon

    ah ok so what I said about my experience did go with your post, I was a little unsure about what the obstacle was, thanks for clarifying that.

    ha yeah I would definitely agree that some professors don’t know what they’re talking about… I agree with you on everything and glad you brought it up.

    so for those of us that don’t have much to teach others, what do you suppose we can do to urge others to join in on spreading their expertise?

  4. I think we also have to be ready to apply what we learn – at a conference or college. I often say to my hubby, “I wish we could do college later on, it’s wasted on us when we’re 18 & hurrying through classes & assignments”…I wish I had those spiritual mentors from my Bible College years to learn from at this stage in my life. 🙂

  5. Great post Gabe.

    Mentoring and freely sharing skills and experience are essential for personal and Church growth. We all need to do more of it.

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