Back from BibleTech

I will be sure to list some of the great people that God allowed me to meet, listen to, and challenge while at the BibleTech 2009 conference in Seattle this past weekend in a future blog post. All of the presentations that myself and others gave will be available in MP3 format in a short while.

God really opened my eyes at the conference to the fact that He is moving across the entire globe through technology. So many times I get wrapped up in my own little web that I don’t even try to understand what might be going on at a distance. There are unbelievable things taking place in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Israel, China, New Zealand, and many other countries. Individuals who have given their life to serve God through technology flew into Seattle from those countries to connect and hopefully improve the work our Father is doing.

I’m a few hundred yards behind with my personal workload, but I know God wanted to give me this time and it was very evident as I returned on my flight home. Ramblings will continue to show up about the conference as I blog more. Just thought I’d say thanks for sticking around, and pray as I tighten up my boots and get back to proclaiming Christ online. How is God working this week through you, either online or off?

PRAYING for my brother as he hosts Skillet in concert this weekend in Lima, OH. Dreams will come true, and God will rock the house! PRAISING God for speaking through us all at the conference. His Word is alive and being read, heard and seen by new people every day.

  1. It was great to meet you this weekend Gabe, when you’re in town to visit the Philly Zoo let me know, ok? (Oh, and it pays to get a membership even if you’re only going once get it on-line: free parking, you can ride everything once, gift-shop and food discounts, etc.) If you have time to hit Hershey you can use the membership to get into Zoomerica too…

  2. janelle

    Amen….God is huge…GOD is working in many, many people…and we are the family of GOD…how neat.

  3. Indeed; I totally feel you with just the taking time to do reflections. There was so much to take in and chew upon from Seattle that I don’t know that one post can do it justice.

    That being said, your presentation was off the chain. Along with John Dyer’s, it really set off day 2 towards making sure that in our geekyness that we don’t forget the giver of the geek-abilities.

    Blessings to you and your family bro; and I’m still quite serious about partnering with you in *any* way that God can pull us together again

  4. Sure wish I could have heard your presentation at BibleTech! Followed a few tweets, but it is just not the same.

    So appreciate your post comment about God moving across the whole globe. It is humbling to realize the sun doesn’t rise & set on my empire. God’s work goes on through surrendered souls everywhere.

    How exciting to be involved in tech at such a pivotal time in history where God’s goodness can truly be spread to the “ends of the earth.”Keep up the good work! Glad to have run across your path.

  5. Ed Harowicz

    Thank you for your presentation – or more to the point; for your passion on leading others to become a digital disciple. You, more than anyone else at the conference, talked about the latest technology, but kept the focus squarely on Christ. Thank you for that. I heard you saying to someone, as you were leaving on Saturday, that you ran long and had to leave out some of what you wanted to share, you sounded discouraged. I want you to know, from someone that listened, it was all good. I think it’s hard to squeeze that amount of passion into 45 min.

    Also, I went to your wife’s site and checked it out (as per your request), looks like you’re not the only talented person in the family using God’s gifts. We had a meeting with the woman that writes the blog “24/7 moms” and I suggested she contact your wife about her 52 zoos project (I hope that’s OK)- she seemed excited and might be contacting – just a heads up.

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