A simple thank you will do

digitaldisciples2After years of wishing it would happen, prayers being lifted, and ideas swirling around, God has moved and fulfilled a dream this evening. A simple website and Facebook group brought 8 individuals together tonight, disciples who have tremendous talent and realize that God can be glorified through them individually and through our time together as a group. More than just hype. More than just people hanging out for the kicks of it. Each a member of a different church, actually fulfilling the call to be in community not just on Sunday mornings.

Each bringing their own unique knowledge of various technologies, and hearts to train others or learn from each other. While we sat in a reserved “community room” at Panera Bread many questions were asked. The “oh you know him?” remarks were made, but most importantly, each one knows Him. The Him that matters in life. The Lord who has given us this life and these talents to serve Him and others. Something like this gathering can’t be coordinated perfectly, and I am thankful that God reminded me that He was going to take care of it. Usually when you leave things up to God they turn out better than if you hold onto the reins too tightly.

The next gathering of these disciples is already scheduled for March 5th here in Columbus, OH. We probably won’t be meeting at a Panera Bread, but were so thankful that they allowed this to happen. We have a friend that has booked a plane ticket from Atlanta to join us and would love to have more locals come for sure. We even have a guest speaker, and fellow digital disciple Kary Oberbrunner, coming to share some powerful truths with us. Be sure to join our Facebook group to be notified of the time and location. We’re sure God’s going to be there, wherever He decides to let us hang out! You know He has done a good thing through you when you receive simple thank yous, and I praise Him alone for such a successful time! I’m proud He allowed me to simply coordinate a time and place for Him to show up. I offer a simple thank you His way and am eager to follow where He leads.

  1. Gabe,

    Thrilled to be presenting at the next meeting. Even more thrilled to see your dream for Digital Disciples come alive. You and Marla are doing amazing things.


  2. I don't think you have any idea how excited I am for you. I love, love, love having a front seat at the show–watching God work in such cool ways in your heart and life.

  3. Really looking forward to it. God's already answered too many prayers. Excited for the guys to hear the message God's given you!

  4. That's awesome Gabe! I am so looking forward to next month and excited about what God will do with the Digital Disciples!

  5. janelle taviano

    Left foot obedience…Right foot faith…keep walking – keep walking – keep walking !

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