Unreined Ministries website

I was excited to design a new site for my mother’s ministry. She is a Christian speaker, and has traveled twice recently to Africa (Kenya) – where hundreds have come to know Christ through the message He has had her share. Occasionally I’ll design a site that I am pretty proud of (aesthetics and functionality). This is one of them!

  1. janelle

    ” How did you ever go to AFRICA ?” – well, you see our son /GABE….designed this website for me…and a Pastor in Matisi / Kenya, Africas found it and contacted me.
    ” Where technology meets eternity” ~ That would be God & Gabe ! THANK YOU so much ! seriously !

  2. lydia

    the layout is awesome! love it, love it love it!
    God bless.

    lydia, freelance web/flash designer from Kenya.

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