You can’t date three women

…and not expect to learn a lesson or two! That’s what happened to me tonight. Just so happens that the three women are my daughters (Marla’s away for 4 1/2 days). It’s Friday night, and most of Columbus is out on the town. Now that the girls are old enough, we’re not going to opt for just chilling at home. Tonight’s not going to consist of playing on our iPods or cleaning windows you can’t see through after being covered by gads of Crayola Window Crayons. So we hit the streets, blazing a party trail in our white mini-van!

I remembered hearing about a “dollar theater” maybe twenty minutes away. Just so happens to turn into a “two dollar theater” on the weekend. The $8 was well worth The Princess and the Frog, holding our 4 year-old on my lap the entire movie so she could see, and learning a big lesson. Like most other adults, I really do believe silence is golden. Loudness usually annoys me, unless I’m at a Skillet, Red, or TFK concert.

But you don’t have a choice when you’re walking into a theater full of dozens of young children. You’ll be lucky to observe an entire minute of the movie without noise. The phrase “oh – to be young again” sometimes really does make lots of sense. What’s with us adults? All up-tight and self-centered. Expecting not to have to deal with the rest of the world when we enter a few hours of leisure after a long week? Blind to the fact that places like theaters are public and not by invitation only, LOL. Another Captain Me Planet lesson I guess! After a few minutes I realized the evening was going to be much more enjoyable if I thanked God for giving me a few hours to spend with my three little princesses.

Apparently God doesn’t stop with these $8 lessons until we get the hint? Have you found one that costs $7? If so, I’m there!

  1. janelle

    What lucky little girls tonite. Just stops my heart….to think you would think so much of them to give them a “nite to remember” how NEAT !

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