Escapism and isolation

I’m a fan of Brian Regan’s (comedian). I blame him for the rest of the Captain Me Planet posts here on the site, LOL.

In one of his acts (view here), he jokes about people wasting their time watching fishing. They’re not even fishing, but I guess at least they’re gathering some food to survive! I could relate to this today when I found myself watching the Masters golf tournament. I’m watching golf, I’m not even playing golf!

I’m in transition (like the rest of the world) and fail often when it comes to loving other people, but when I watch golf I’m always very thankful that I don’t enjoy the sport. Not only does it seem pointless to show a small dimpled ball that you can control it, but a good amount of the golfers I know are talented at escaping from community or making other people feel like they’re worthless when they have no choice but to hang out with them. Escapism is nothing short of dulling the pain, almost like getting drunk or doing drugs in an attempt to not have to deal with the challenge of loving others.

That’s what God has me dealing with today as a creative / geek. Me and my computer. Helping a few people along the way, but for the most part trying to show a shiny gadget that I can have my way with it. If I need your help and prayers, it is that this Digital Disciples network continues to flip my soul upside down. That a few years from now I’ll look back and be disgusted with the geek that wasted a good amount of his life, and thanking God for showing me just how much people matter. How does this make you feel?

  1. One of the things I have learned is that I need isolation and escape to survive. If I am 100% engaged in my ministry 100% of the time, I will implode.

    For me I need time away from my family, my kids, my job, my wife. I need to be alone and not thinking. If I get that, even if it is only a few times a week, or a few ours a week, then I am a better father, pastor, and husband. If I don’t get it, I cannot do the important things as well.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Scott! Everyone needs a break from the routine of life / ministry. I probably should have made it more clear that I was referring to those that isolate themselves on a constant basis, never desiring or feeling like they should do much at all together in community.

      Hopefully that makes a bit more sense. I sure hope you find ways to rejuvenate yourself.

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