Captain Me Planet

captainmeplanetCan’t believe I’m actually doing this, but here we go! I’m a huge fan of the comedian Brian Regan. He’s phenomenal at creating real-life scenarios that almost everyone relates to. One of his funniest acts that I really relate to often takes place on a commercial airliner. You’ve probably seen the person before. The one who brought too much luggage onto the plane to fit it into their overhead compartment? They stand there for 10 minutes pushing harder and harder, hoping the dead yak that they brought with them eventually (and miraculously) fits. They don’t give a single thought to the 25 individuals standing in line behind them, let alone have the audacity to move to the side just a bit to let them through.

The people standing directly behind them might be wondering why “Captain Me Planet” thinks the world revolves around him. They’re perfectly fine just bringing on a tiny purse or computer and minding their own business. More importantly, their focus isn’t on themselves.

I’ll admit, there are times when I do a decent job at thinking of others first, but am eager to start blogging a bit about ways I make the world revolve around me. I’ll start off being brutally honest. I’ll sometimes sit at my desk, enjoying some peace and quiet in the evenings. My kids could just be acting like kids, not out to hurt anyone, and I’ll expect them to quiet down. I could have worked a little harder during the day and gotten the work done before they got home. In time for me to enjoy more moments with them. But no, I’m the Captain and prefer that the loudness be contained to my liking no matter what’s going on around me. Wow – better stop there! This won’t be the last Captain Me Planet post, that’s for sure. Any other Captains dealing with things like this?

  1. Have been hiding over on Xanga for 5 years, lol. Transferred the 292 posts over here earlier this week. Going to pass that amount of posts in a year here, easily. Thanks for visiting! You have a blog / site? Checked your intensedebate.

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