Captain Me Planet #2

captainmeplanetI’m anticipating sharing an awesome (and large) project with you in the near future. The biggest undertaking of my life, with the most opportunity to make an impact for the kingdom of God. I’ve learned a few things while getting started with it. When I started working on it it was mostly about how I could make it happen…..and a “little” bit of what God could do. I prayed about it at times, but wasn’t really relying on God to work things out. I wouldn’t say I was anticipating his next move. I was anticipating what I was going to have to do to get the ball rolling.

Two weeks ago God turned a light on. I didn’t realize I was in the dark. I thought I (Captain Me Planet) was doing just fine. Looking back on where the project was headed now I just have to smile at what God had in store. The details of this project keep clearing up as God allows me to join with others in preparation. Just today I was hanging out with my friend Kary Obebrunner, and God used him to bring up a couple of thoughts that only He could. I look forward to becoming less of a Captain Me Planet and let God’s timing and plan override mine. Have you either stepped into a project too quickly and wished you wouldn’t have? Or have there been moments where you’ve seen things come together in a way only God could have allowed and that was near impossible for yourself?

PRAYING for a high school friend of mine that was in a bad accident this past week. PRAISING God for a wife that always lets Him bring her out of discouraging moments in life.

  1. janelle

    Amen….. prayed for you and Marla at the alter tonite…GOD's anointing on the call of your lives.

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