First meeting with IOM

Today was a pretty big day in our preparations to move to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in January. Purchasing our plane tickets for the trip has made the last day or two interesting. Our friend Pam 😉 purchased her round trip (she’s spending 2 weeks with us while we move) ticket on Tuesday night after we finished tutoring students from east Africa that live in our apartment complex. So she’s “officially” going to Cambodia before we are! Our tickets (Gabe, Marla and Olivia) were confirmed this morning, and Ava and Nina’s were confirmed just after today’s meeting. So……we are OFFICIALLY moving to Cambodia on our 17th anniversary – January 3, 2015!

But that’s just half of the awesome day. We were able to pick up (and meet for the first time) Michael McCarty and Ronald Gray (pictured to the right of Marla) from International Outreach Ministries. They flew into Columbus for a conference, and God worked it out so that we could pick them up at the airport and spend a couple hours talking to them about us being a missionary family serviced through their organization (financially, relationally, etc.). A few really good friends of ours, and some tremendous organizations, in Cambodia are all IOM missionaries.

And to make the meeting even better, our awesome friend and pastor Rich Johnson (pictured in front of me) drove downtown and met us at the hotel to chat about the future of the Taviano family. Our church has been instrumental in shaping our worldview and our hearts these past few years, so it was pretty awesome to know that we will have them and IOM to support us as we fly across the world and see what God has planned. Our application for IOM is almost finished, and we believe God has big things in store. Our family’s blessed to be in the situation we’re in. These three great men have been used by God to accomplish some great things. I pray that He doesn’t just bless us as a result of all of this, but that these three men are blessed in ways they couldn’t have seen coming.

Looking forward to using this new blog setup to keep you in the loop about what God’s been up to around here. This blogging thing just might be healthy after all 🙂

    • Lisa Basner

      This is so awesome!!! Praise God for His provision, and His amazing sense of timing. I’m so excited for you guys!!! And…’re actually leaving on my birthday!! So cool! 🙂

  1. Janelle Taviano

    amen and thank YOU JESUS….He goes before you…

  2. So excited for you guys and in awe of how God is taking care of the details for you all – seriously awesome.

  3. So glad to hear of the changes. Many blessings on your family as you prepare and as you travel to the new adventure in life.

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