Killing Cockroaches

killingcockroachesTony Morgan has written an excellent leadership book with Killing Cockroaches. I can now personally testify that there are some serious spiritual steroids coming out of the nearby town Piqua, OH. Tony’s sister (our church‘s own) Jen Morgan has recently taken a chunk of our heart with her to minister to children in Cambodia.

tonymorganTony is a proven leader. Leaders have to rely on others, and they have to empower others. What was evident to me while reading his new book was that he wasn’t stuck on his own agenda. The agenda of his life, as shown through his book and his blog (, is a transparent filter of both the Word of God and the wisdom God has given Tony through other great leaders. That is what you can look forward to when reading this book. Valuable insight and thoughts on the leader God wants us to be. And valuable lessons Tony has learned from others. Those attributes display the unselfish character of the author.

Tony did bring up two unsanswered points that I would like to address as what some have called a “technology leader” myself. For some reason he still believes in the cellular service of Cingular over that of AT&T (he refers to them as his “mother’s long-distance carrier”). I’d love to have Tony on for a God’s Mac podcast interview and share how excellent the UVerse and iPhone service has been. It’s obvious, as one of his now 4,100+ blog subscribers, that he is in tune with technology. He brings up an interesting question in the book, which ponders how Apple (the computer company) might do church. I will do Tony a favor, and dedicate a second blog to him and this question specifically tomorrow. Until then, head over to his site – subscribe, by the book, and enjoy learning!

PRAYING for the leaders God has placed in your life. We all have them. PRAISING God for the impact that books are having today, and the effort authors put into them!

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