Gabe’s Guide to Getting Lucky

Wow. What a day. After a few straight days of getting to sleep at either 2am or 3am, this launch day of my wife’s $4.99 ebook, The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky, has been incredible! Marla has had four books published prior to this first ebook, and we can only thank God for how He’s used her talent and changed lives and marriages around the globe.

Lots of people always ask what I think of her sharing our lives like an open door on these pages (or screens now). My perspective is that my life is not my own. We were created for community, and God’s only blessed us so that we may bless others and glorify Him. Thankfully Marla does a tremendous job at keeping what should be private, private. But she’s also not afraid to boast of God’s goodness or pass along some advice after we’ve messed up.

Sex was not a dirty word in the beginning, and I see it as our job to reclaim the beauty God intended it to be. Marriages have been saved as a result of God speaking through her book for women (Is That All He Thinks About?) and we’re already seeing this happen on day one as this ebook for men is launched.

My advice on getting lucky? Read God’s Word, then pick up either or both of the books for you / your wife. I believe it’s very important to realize that one woman was created to be loved by one man, and that anyone outside of that combination (homosexuality, pornography, adultery, etc….) will not make you happy. I could go on forever, but thankfully Marla does a much better job and has sweated and prayed through the words God’s let her share.

I know you men out there are ready to start loving your wives like they deserve to be loved. I’ll be praying for those of you that are able to read this new ebook. You’ll be encouraged to read the stories that show you’re not alone!

It sucks to say it, but there’s an evil one who is out to push you into a life of taking a second or third look at a woman, start playing with porn, leading you down a path that ends in an affair, divorce, and leaving your children wondering what this life really is all about or if it’s even worth it to see another day. Fight your hardest, and do all you can to occupy the minutes spent even near that trash, seizing them as opportunities to reflect the God that created you. Be thankful that He’s given you the chance to love!

Thanks to our insanely talented and newly married friend, Wes Molebash, who designed the artwork for the book cover. Be sure to check out his awesome stuff, maybe even hire him to create something just for you, after buying your new $4.99 Father’s Day gift of course! Congrats on your first ebook Marla!  You did an awesome job!

  1. Sharon

    Gabe, started reading the ebook last night and am HOOKED!!! Just wanted to say that I’m glad you are willing to let Marla share about your marriage to help others. Not all husbands can get past their pride to let faults (even just their wives faults) be displayed for others to learn from.

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