America’s road to implosion – natural disasters, war and terrorism

Implosion by Joel Rosenberg on AmazonI’ve really enjoyed the first 11 chapters of Implosion by Joel Rosenberg. Each of us that live in this country know that things just don’t feel normal, in multiple ways.

How can a country with so much freedom (we like to believe we have) be in so much panic? How could a people this intelligent and innovative be lost? It’s obvious that we’ve distanced ourselves from our Creator, and some believe He could be pulling His hand of blessing away from us. That could be true, but at best, it’s a theory.

Joel takes both chapters 10 and 11 to focus in on things that aren’t under our control (natural disasters, war and terrorism) in great detail. I do believe that this country thinks it is untouchable, but it’s obvious that these uncontrollable situations can teach us a lesson or two VERY quickly. There’s much more great stuff included in both chapters, but here are a few pieces that stuck out to me. Feel free to comment below, and be sure to grab a copy of the book for yourself! Enjoy.

CHAPTER 10 – The War and Terrorism Scenarios
Page 152
“Alongside the mujaheeden in Afghanistan, we bled Russia for ten years until it went bankrupt and was forced to withdraw in defeat…We are continuing this policy to bleed America to the point of bankruptcy…Al Qaeda spent $500,000 on [the 9/11 attacks], while the incident and its aftermath have cost America more than half a trillion dollars. This meant that, by the grace of God, every dollar al Qaeda spent cost America a million dollars and a huge number of jobs…This demonstrates the success of the bleed-until-bankruptcy plan” – Osama Bin Laden: America’s Enemy in His Own Words, October 2004 (pages 163-164 by Randall B. Hamud)

Page 159-160
The good news from their research was that approximately 93 percent of Muslims worldwide fit Esposito and Mogahed’s definition of a “moderate” – peaceable, nonviolent, and traditionally religious but unlikely to pose a threat to Western security interests.

The deeply disturbing news, however, was that about 7 percent would be classified as Radicals. While 7 percent may at first seem like a relatively small number, the implications of such results are daunting. Seven percent of 1.3 billion Muslims equals 91 million people. They would represent the twelfth largest country on the planet. What’s more, some researchers say Gallup’s 7 percent figure significantly underestimates the number of radicals out there, meaning there may be many more.

CHAPTER 11 – The Natural Disaster Scenarios
Pages 167-168

  • Eight of the ten most expensive hurricanes in American history have happened since 9/11. The worst was Hurricane Katrina, which nearly wiped out an American city and ended up costing more than $100 billion.
  • Hurricane Irene made 2011 the worst year in American history for natural disasters, with ten separate catastrophes costing $1 billion or more.
  • In 2011, America experienced the worst outbreak of tornadoes in nearly half a century.
  • In 2011, Texas suffered the worst fires in the history of the state, amid the worst drought in Texas history.
  • In 2011, Virginia–and much of the East Coast–experienced its biggest earthquake since 1875.

Page 177
“If a magnitude-9 earthquake were to strike in the Pacific Northwest and generate a tsunami, we’d have less than 15 minutes’ warning before it hit the shore,” said Robert Yates, a professor emeritus of geosciences at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Page 178
While I was writing this book, Hurricane Irene swept the East Coast of the United States in August 2011, causing the largest evacuation in American history as millions of Americans fled the storm’s path. When Irene hit, some 5 million Americans were left without power. Thousands of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed, and dozens of people lost their lives.

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