Goodbye to two good things

Multitasking often leads to inefficiency. I’ve never really thought of it this way, but when technology cranks up the pace our life often gets so sucked into it that we don’t realize how much hurt is taking place. Like a computer, sometimes our lives don’t feel like they’re put to good use unless they’re running 5-6 applications at one time. Not realizing that we’ve slowed down and lost focus.

Do you have one thing in your life that you know God has placed in your path? If you were sitting at a buffet and only had to choose one of the foods at the bar, it’s the one you would take. Those other foods might also be good, but there’s just one that you enjoy most.

After some thought and prayer, I believe it’s time to part ways with two things that have occupied some (not too much) of my time these past few years. Why? Because the one thing God has made clear that I need to put my free time (for now) toward is focusing on Digital Disciples here in Columbus and helping the other cities consistently as they are getting started / continue meeting.

The first thing that I’m leaving behind is shooting 1 Photo Per Day. At the core I am a web / graphic designer, but I’ve challenged myself to practice more with photography by shooting a picture each day since January 1, 2010. I completed the 365 photos in 2010, and even kept it going in 2011 up until April 3rd. I’m not ditching photography, but I think the challenge has seen its last day.

The second would be (it actually ended a year ago anyway) the God’s Mac Podcast. My friend Lee Love and I recorded 56 episodes (interviews and discussion) for this podcast over the course of 3 1/2 years. We’ll still leave those up on the site for a while, but people continue to ask me if we’re going to get back to it. I’ve been tempted to, since it was such a good thing, but it just can’t happen.

I’ll share more in the next few days about what is going on with the Digital Disciples network, but I’d be thrilled if you could pray for that – and give all of the glory to God for all of these photos and podcasts that are out there. Hopefully many saw the great world God created through the photos, and heard the great work He is doing through people’s lives in the podcast. Have a great weekend!

  1. Excellent path to discover your next step by asking “What shouldn’t I be doing?” I applaud you and God for what you’ve inspires us to do and NOT to do.

  2. step of faith leads to miracles beyond our human efforts……God is directing…will be praying !

  3. Thanks Gabe for the podcast for that length of time. I learned a lot from it and im sad to see it go, but know God has tons more planned for DD that we don’t even know of right now. 🙂

  4. I completely understand what you mean! This influx of technology and “connection” into our lives is tricking us into thinking we’re being more effective when in reality we’re getting less done.

    Well said, and good luck with Digital Disciples!

    • Thanks Graham! Are you in Philadelphia now? I would like to get that Digital Disciples group started in the next month, knowing there are already 4-5 people interested in that area. Appreciate you stopping by!

      • I’m still living in South Philly, yeah. I just joined the Meetup group for Philadelphia Digital Disciples. It’d be great to meet some good people in this area! I haven’t encountered anyone on a faith journey in this part of town yet.

        • I’ll be in touch. I’m sure we can get a Philly group started in the next month or so. Thanks for letting me know!

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