1 Photo Per Day

If you weren’t up this morning to watch the ball drop and a new website of mine launch, let me introduce 1PhotoPerDay.com. It’s the site I mentioned yesterday, stemming from the Project 365 idea attempted by many photogs around the world. One of our three daughters was still sick, so we were all just laying low at home for the evening around the fireplace (my first pic).

I am hosting the site, and customized the Fotolog Theme for WordPress 2.9. I opted to also connect the site with FotoMoto.com, a service that allows photographers to easily offer their pics as prints, cards or e-cards. Since most of you are tech-savvy, I thought I’d share how the daily process I am using taking and adding the photos to the site below.

  1. Take photo with my Nikon D50
  2. Import photo onto Aperture 2 photo software on my iMac or MacBook Pro
  3. Use the Aperture to Flickr plugin to upload the photo to my Flickr account (keeping photo under 800px wide to fit into Fotolog Theme)
  4. Create a blog post within WordPress, inserting the image using the URL from Flickr and the smaller size URL Flickr provides for the archives thumbnail on the site. Instructions provided on Fotolog Theme site.
  5. Once the blog is posted, Twitter is notified using the WP to Twitter plugin and the Facebook page displays new posts from the site using Notes.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other 364 days of the year!
  1. It’s a good thing you can automate most of that. Putting the site in my RSS feeder and looking forward to the year in photos. My 2nd daughter (15yrs) made a comment about doing something similar – taking a picture a day. Thanks for the details on the steps you are taking.

  2. To add the notes on the Facebook page, I added Facebook’s Notes application to the page then was able to import a feed into Notes (just have to do this once). Notes asked me for the site’s web address.

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