Gabe Taviano is the husband of author and speaker, Marla Taviano, and father of their three awesome daughters, Olivia (9), Ava (7) and Nina (3). They reside in Columbus, OH and attend Sanctuary Columbus Church.

He accepted a new role as Director of Digital Presence with 104.9 the River (radio network that includes 3 other stations), starting there on March 29, 2010. He’s thrilled that God has him working as a part of such a great team after 4 years of working on his own. His role will include focusing on the network’s web (websites, streaming, social networking, etc.) strategy, working with the sales team to improve methods of using digital media, assisting the programming and listener impressions teams effective use of the web and social media, and whatever else God has in store! Gabe’s very thankful for the staff that God already has in place, with great things already taking place and many on the team being interested in taking steps forward to glorify God in greater capacity.

tavianodesignOn the side, Gabe is the owner of Taviano Design, a freelance web design, graphic design, web hosting and consulting firm located in Columbus, OH. He has provided ministries and businesses across the world with custom solutions, and is eager to see how he might be able to assist you. As you read below, you will clearly see that Gabe enjoys allowing God to use Him to empower others. If you’d like for Gabe to draw a digital portrait of you (like his own at the top of this blog), please take a look at these other examples and contact him through the site there. They are not automated and take approximately 3-4 hours. He appreciates being able to keep his fees much lower than professional competitors, allowing his work to be service focused.

digitaldisciples2Something that has Gabe more excited than ever is the opportunity to speak and disciple others. Gabe is just now hitting the road and sharing at various conferences. At the same time he is focusing on the local circle God has given Him with the start-up of the Digital Disciples network, found at Technology and creativity are on the rise, but without community all is lost. Meeting regularly starting here in Columbus, OH, this group of individuals will be sharpening each other through both technology and theological studies. Gabe would love to have you visit this new website, if close enough – join one of the frequent Ohio gatherings, or possibly start an arm of this new ministry in your part of the world!

godsmacGabe realizes that many people are on the go now more than ever. Starting in August of 2006, Gabe and his co-hosts have reached 1,000s of listeners worldwide through the God’s Mac Podcast at Each episode begins with a review (and preview) of the latest and greatest in the world of technology. The middle portion, referred to as the “meets” segment, includes a special interview with individuals from various professions and cultures. The podcast concludes with the “eternity” segment, which allows the hosts and audience to focus on how God is leading them to use these tools. The motto of the podcast follows the layout of these three segments, “technology – meets – eternity”. Please visit the site to subscribe to the podcast, interact with the hosts and other listeners, and share through the new online prayer group.