Tassimo Brewbot T20 Giveaway

Thanks to Tassimo, I’m giving away their Brewbot T20! An advanced single serve brewing system, programmed to make seven different varieties of beverages (coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, teas, hot chocolate and crema coffees). Everything in the picture is included! Its Smart Bar Code Technology ensures optimal brewing temperature, pressure, water quantity and brew time….taking about 1 minute to brew. To learn more, be sure to visit Brewbot.com! To be entered, please follow the instructions below the product picture.

I will be accepting entries through midnight EST 12/9/10 (24 hour giveaway), and announcing the winner (using random.org for drawing) in a new blog post at 10am EST on 12/10/10.


  1. Leave a comment on this post, sharing which of the 7 beverages listed above you prefer
  2. Post this status to either Facebook or Twitter “Enter to win a free Tassimo Brewbot T20 on @GabeTaviano’s blog -> http://bit.ly/fI7fAO #tassimo”


116 Comments Tassimo Brewbot T20 Giveaway

  1. Susan Jensen

    I pretty much only like hot chocolate…there’s a good chance this might be a christmas gift to a certain family member that would use it a lot more than I would!

  2. Chilly

    pick me, pick me, pick me!

    1. I like a well-made cappuccino… but, dude, there’s a place up here that makes the BEST latte I’ve ever tried (come up, it’ll be my treat).

    2. Posted Twitter & Facebook!

    now, do the right thing: ‘randomly’ pick me! ;)

  3. Adam

    Hot Chocolate for my self, but my wife loves coffee, tea and everything else. I’m trying to get her a single cup brewer for Christmas, as we don’t have a coffee maker of any kind at our house.

  4. Genie Blazi

    I love me a good latte…I would cut off my right arm to win this…ok, maybe not, but I would love to win!!! p.s…don’t know you, but I did Radical with your wife…she rocks…just sayin’, and so does VT…I’m a Tech fan at heart(lived in Blacksburg as a young child)…so does that give me an extra advantage??:) thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  5. Olivia Merifield

    I would probably use it a lot for the teas. I love tea and this would give me a fast and easy way to do that! I also love that it can do so many different drinks, what a great way to add variety!

  6. Lauren Kurtz

    coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, teas, hot chocolate and crema coffees….i drink and love them all! but mostly coffee, tea and hot chocolate!!

  7. Kendra Conrad

    I love them all and would really enjoy this little machine! Anything warm to drink during these cold days is a plus.

  8. alisha skeel

    Latte, yum! This looks really cool. I’m in :) It would be great to be able to make coffee that quickly in the morning.

  9. Sherri B

    Easy favorite=cappuccino. Though we are prone to calling it “cappatino” after my father taught us his version of pronouncing it.

  10. Mandy Hess

    This would be FANTASTIC!!! The cappuccino maker my hubby got me a couple Christmas’s ago broke :( so…… I would of course make some homemade cappuccino’s, I have been missing them!!

  11. Bill Montgomery

    I love all coffee beverages, but the coffee itself would likely be my favorite. Need to win that bad boy for the office!

  12. Paul

    Latte’s for me, with extra flavorings added! Hot chocolate is a definite second. This would be great for those 8am classes…

  13. Rachelle

    I love hot chocolate, especially this time of year! The one that would love this more is my husband, he loves his coffee!

  14. Holly V

    I would love ANY of the 7 beverages….but hot cocoa right now would hit the spot! :) Would love the one minute feature.

  15. Duey Varian

    Well for some reason I can’t zoom in to see the picture, but I would love any kind of chocolate or mint coffee drink that is available. I would enjoy any of them for sure. Thanks.

  16. Rachel Wojnarowski

    I’m a latte girl and I want to win this for my brother in law who is a pastor in Dayton! My sister in law doesn’t drink coffee. ;)

  17. karen M

    Coffee is my favorite, next to Hot chocolate
    Thank You


    karenmed409 at comcast dot net


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