Logo design – Bridges for Hope (round 1)

I met with a missions organization yesterday, and spent a few hours today coming up with these three logo options for them. Which do you like best?

Bridges for Hope

  1. I like the font of the first one and the image of the third. Though I’m thinking it would look good with some yellow in it. Maybe the heads of the people. The font setup on the second doesn’t work for me because the B and the S work like bookends. Thinking on it my mind shoved the bookends together.

  2. I’ll add that men deserve rithgs as well. Such as not being forced into indentured servitude for 18 years involving children they did not want. If a man decides he wants nothing to do with a child before it is born… he should have the right to do. Men should not have to pay child support for children they would have chosen to abort had they had the option to do so. Abortion should be a woman’s choice. Her body, her choice. Right? And since women have that choice… they should be responsible for the children they bring into this world. Aside from rape, women have the choice of using protection. They also have the choice to abort. Her body, her responsibility. Stop forcing men to be fathers. Stop forcing men to live up to the traditional role of ‘breadwinner’. If a man does not want a child… he should have every right to ‘abort’ his involvement if the child is unwanted by him. If women have the right to decide a child is unwanted… men should have that right as well by having the right to ‘abort’ their obligations before the child is born.

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