A different lens – post 1

This post could be littered with photos I took this past week that display the amazing creations that makes it clear how much better of an artist God is than you or I. That would be great, but I moved to Cambodia for something greater than art and technology. I moved here (in agreement with my family), because God has shown me that He loved one thing He created more than others. PEOPLE. More than the amazing Milky Way that He created, which I got to shoot for the first time from a mountain this week. And I believe this is something that every creative person needs to hear.

I spent two days with 17 other men (16 were Khmer), getting to know them and becoming friends. A friend has asked me to come and hang out with a group of 7-10 guys (who previously worked in male massage parlors) every Tuesday, starting today. They’re awesome, and have invited me to teach them photography and creative design. These men have come to know who Jesus is, and are now on the lifelong adventure of becoming who God wants them to be. The same journey I am on, no less or more important.

They asked me me why I moved from America to Cambodia. How awesome is it that I got to tell them that being with them today is exactly why? I got to tell them that many people have complimented me on photography, but that would be worthless if I just took their applause and move onto a new photo. I got to tell them that everything we do, whether we drive a taxi / Tuktuk, are a musician, chef, or photographer, should be more about people than the “service or product” we offer. I could see that they got that. And I know there are MANY people in Cambodia, and across the globe, that don’t get that at all. They don’t see life through this different lens. 

Thank you to the friends and family who are supporting our family, financially, or through thoughts and prayer. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for the privilege and responsibility of reflecting such amazing light and love.

  1. Thank you so much Brad!! We miss hanging out with you guys and it means so much that you are home bniackg us up in prayer! They have affordable nets here. This is awful, but they make me claustrophobic. I guess I should stop complaining if I’m not willing to use one Jesse is going to invest in one of those hand held bug zappers. Just don’t touch your tongue to it. Thank you guys again. Hope you had a great holiday season.

  2. Dette var en litt bedre tilnærming. Her blir overfyllte tog utgangspunktet. Noen vill bruke tog, og de skal ikke bli forhindret i det. De siste rapportene viser at tog ikke er samfunnsøkonomisk lønnsomt og dessuten ofte tvilsomt i et klimaperspektiv.Selv tror jeg mer på elbiler og elbusser som lader seg trådløst fra veien. Dør til dør er uslåelig.

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