Medicare supplement plans coverage

In this article we will focus on what is Medicare supplement plans and what are its coverage? If you are unknown about the coverage of Medicare supplement plans, then please be sincere while going through this article because this article can help you understand about coverage of Medicare supplement plans.


Medicare supplement plans have huge coverage compared to other health insurance policy but are still not complete in coverage. Medicare supplement plans require one to have Medicare Part A and Part B plans alongside. Thus, the premium cost of Medicare supplement plans can be high while Medicare plans are Federal government sponsored program.

What is the coverage of Medicare supplement plans?

Medicare supplement plans are mainly of ten types and thus have huge coverage. They are generally called as plan A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. Each plan has same coverage compared to other while some of the coverage of each plan might be unique.

Generally, the Medicare supplement plans covers following benefits listed below. Also visit for quotes online.

  • Hospital cost and Medicare part A cost
  • Hospice care cost
  • Blood cost for first 3 pint of blood
  • Medicare part B cost

In most cases coverage isn’t 100% of the cost but can be certain percentage based on company providing you the insurance plan. Moreover, some Medicare supplement plans also considered following topics under coverage of their supplement plans. They are listed below.

  • Some supplement plans also cover skilled nursing facility cost.
  • Medicare supplement plans can also have coverage of Medicare part A, Medicare part B deductible. In some cases they also cover Medicare part B extra charges during health checkup.
  • Medicare supplement plans have main benefits which can also be described under the coverage of Medicare supplement plans. It covers foreign travel emergency health care cost which is not covered by general Medicare plans.

medicare supplement plans 2019Two Medicare supplement plans K and plan L also have out of pocket coverage. It means when one spends certain amount of money under certain heading which is under the coverage of Medicare supplement plans then he/she will have free of cost service for rest of the year.


Meanwhile, some major medical care aren’t included in Medicare supplement plans coverage and they are hearing aids cost, eyeglasses cost, prescription drugs and private clinic or nursing cost. Thus, Medicare supplement plan though having multiple benefits still are behind due to some drawbacks they have. So, in near future we can hope that insurance company will bring new policy overcoming these drawbacks.